Our Values


Our products are designed with the aim of conserving precious resources and nature. We want to protect, not harm, the favourite places we travel to. harm them. Therefore, no chemicals are needed, neither for the use nor for the cleaning of our portable toilets.

Water is a scarce resource - especially when travelling - which you can save by using a separation toilet.

For the production we use recyclable materials, which on the one hand meet the hygienic requirements for sanitary facilities. hygienic requirements for sanitary facilities and also meet our idea of sustainable production.

For us, this also means that we attach importance to short delivery routes and proximity to our partners. partners, so that our products are produced for you regionally or close to our location. This also applies to the individual components of the products. Our portable toilets should accompany you on your travels for a long time and are designed for a longer life cycle to counteract society's throwaway mentality.

Value creation and appreciation

Everyone who contributes to the production or management of our start-up is part of our network and a valued partner with whom we work closely as equals. This exchange and fair and appreciative interaction are incredibly valuable and important resources for us. Our entire production process is regionally anchored in Germany and enables us to manufacture products with sustainable high quality at equally high social standards.

You are just as important to us - that's why we want to offer you a well thought-out product solution that literally gives you relief and makes you more independent. more independent. For us, everyone is equal and at the same time wonderfully unique.

Shapely design

A shapely design is the minimum for us. Here, we are primarily concerned with ensuring that functionality and visual appearance are perfectly coordinated and form a harmonious interplay.