Composting toilets: Poop like at home

Composting toilets: Poop like at home
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Mobile composting toilets are the sustainable, contemporary version of the camping toilet. Without the need for water and free of chemicals, they offer you completely new possibilities when it comes to being even more self-sufficient on the road. This freedom benefits not only travellers who explore the world by off-roader, van, camper van or boat, but all those who are looking for a practical solution for remote places where conventional toilets cannot be installed: Allotments, Tiny Houses, Holiday Homes. The great advantage of dry composting toilets is that they do not require a connection to the sewage system and there is no need for special disposal stations to empty the containers. 
In a motorhome, space is a limited commodity and needs to be used well. So it's a pity about the space taken up by the chemical toilet on board. Many travellers avoid going to the mobile potty like the devil avoids holy water. They'd rather grab a spade or bravely stop with a full bladder until the next rest stop toilet crosses their path in 50 km. It is the smell of a chemical toilet that prompts such actions. This is not only after use, but especially when emptying the toilet. In addition, a suitable disposal station has to be found. This search costs time and often also nerves. It's a pity, since holidays are supposed to be the most relaxing time of the year. 
This is where the mobile composting toilet comes into play: it is absolutely independent, chemical-free, odourless, easy to use and hygienic to clean. A sanitary dream come true for on the road and everywhere. The last piece of the puzzle that completes the picture of freedom. Composting toilets are available in a wide variety of designs, sizes and colours. There is a suitable potty for everyone. To give you a good overview of the different options, we have collected a lot of helpful information for you.

How does a composting toilet actually work?

Wie funktioniert eine Trenntoilette

This is the question of everyone who has never sat on such a toilet. In our function section you will find interesting answers. We also give you helpful tips on cleaning and caring for your composting toilet.

Which composting toilet suits me?

Welche Trockentrenntoilette passt zu mir

The mobile composting toilet is the toilet of your choice, you are just lost in the jungle of possibilities? No problem! We have collected a colourful selection of uses for you here. Choose what suits you best! By the way, you can find an overview of our models here.

Removal, installation, do-it-yourself - is that possible?

Trenntoilette selber bauen
Not possible, not possible! Not even with partition toilets. It doesn't matter whether you want to replace old toilets with new ones, whether you need to expand your van and plan a toilet, or whether you simply don't want an "off-the-shelf" toilet: Everything is possible. We give you tips, provide you with dismantling and installation reports and tell you what you should bear in mind when building your own toilet.

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