Understanding composting toilets: How does the environmentally friendly loo work?

Understanding composting toilets: How does the environmentally friendly loo work?
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Mobile composting... what?! Admittedly, when you first hear the term "dry separation toilet" it sounds a little unwieldy. But the use of this variant of the mobile toilet is a super-simple matter. A dry separation toilet does exactly what its name suggests: it separates small and large business without water (and thus dry). A special insert under the toilet seat ensures a smooth process that drains the urine into a canister and the solids into a separate container. The big advantages: No odours are produced, use, emptying and cleaning are child's play, the resource water is saved and the use of chemical additives is avoided.

The composting toilet as a contemporary version of the camping toilet

Praktische Alternative zu herkömmlichen Camping Toilette

Would you like to know more? In our article "Composting toilets: The practical alternative to the conventional camping toilet" we give you a broad overview of the function of a mobile composting toilet, necessary accessories, differences to other camping toilets, advantages and disadvantages and possible places of use.

How do I use the composting toilet?

Nutzung Trenntoilette

You are not only interested in how exactly the composting toilet works, but also in what to consider when using it? From the sitting position and the use of toilet paper to emptying and cleaning, we've put together some interesting facts about the composting toilet for you. Click in!

Urine scale - the killer of the fragrant smell in the urine-diverting toilet

Katze richt an Trenntoilette
Pooh! Despite regular emptying, is there an unpleasant smell wafting out of the canister? The culprit is called urine scale. It forms when residual urine droplets in the container combine with water. How to prevent this liaison from the very beginning and what you can do if water and pee already have an odour-intensive cuddle, we tell you in our article "Oopsie, Pupsie! I smell!"

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