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Alb Filter

Fresh water even when traveling?💧

No matter where your adventures take you: Your Alb Filter camping products always ensure reliably purified drinking water on all your travels. This means: no more worries about dirty taps, no unpleasant chlorine taste and no plastic waste from water bottles.

Good for your health, the environment and your wallet - save 5% with the code Trelino5 - the discount will be deducted directly from your shopping cart.


Magnetic & space-saving storage solution 🚐 🛥

No more falling, slipping or rattling crockery with the perfectly integrated magnets in the bases of Silwy drinking cups, glasses, mugs, plates and bowls. MUST-HAVE for CARAVANING & BOATING!

Save 15% with the code TRELINO15

Ello Camping

Storage space and luggage, a difficult subject. You usually have too little storage space and too much luggage. 👜 💼
The extendable Ello camping boxes make the storage space in your vehicle much more usable. For example, you can use the entire length in the trunk or under an existing bed. 🛏

Save 5% with the code TRELINO5


Verbindbare Sonnensegel, Kissenrollen, Teppiche, Zubehör und Fahrzeugverbindungen.

BENT verbindet Lebensgefühl, Freiheit und Funktion sowie tolle Farben & Designs. ⛺️

Peggy Peg

Einfach Schrauben mit System 🔩

Fünf mal leichter als ein herkömmlicher Metallhering. Ideal für weiche, sandige Böden durch komprimierendes Gewinde! Ebenso einsetzbar in harten, steinigen Böden, durch höhenverstellbaren Haken, bzw. Kontermutter!