10 advantages of composting toilets that you should definitely know about

10 advantages of composting toilets that you should definitely know about
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Are you looking for an environmentally friendly, smart solution for small and large needs? You have already heard about composting toilets, but you are not sure if they are right for you? You have a conventional camping toilet in your motor home and wonder if it's worth switching to a composting toilet? Then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll introduce you to the 10 biggest advantages of composting toilets.

Whether you like environmentally conscious camping, love to explore the outdoors independently, or are just curious about how septic toilets can sustainably enrich your life, we have the answers for you.

Would you also like to know which composting toilet suits you best and what to consider before buying? Then read our detailed article on the purchase of composting toilets.

The 10 biggest advantages of composting toilets

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How?! Only 10?! Ok, we confess, we love the sustainable silent toilets so much, we could put 100 good reasons for a composting toilet on the toilet lid off the cuff. But we don't want to talk you into a heap, and we don't want to give you a novel to read in the toilet ;). Therefore, we limit ourselves to the 10 biggest plus points of composting toilets.

  1. Self-sufficiency

A huge advantage of composting toilets is their self-sufficient operation. Separating large and small businesses requires neither electricity nor water. This means you don't need access to fresh water or a connection to the sewer system. This makes you independent of infrastructures. You can use your quiet place always and everywhere: in the van or camper, on the boat, in the garden house, on the mountain hut, in the Tiny House or even as a guest toilet in your own four walls.

  1. Environmental friendliness

Conventional camping toilets use chemical additives to decompose feces. Composting toilets, on the other hand, work with natural processes such as drying and composting. This way you avoid the use of harmful substances and are actively involved in protecting the environment. In addition, the disposal is much easier than with conventional camping toilets. But more about that in point 5 :)

  1. Sustainability

Another major advantage of composting toilets is their sustainability. They save the valuable resource of water. Did you know that a conventional toilet flush uses 6 to 9 liters of water? With about 6 toilet flushes per day, that's an average of about 50 liters of water that ends up in the sewer system. You can find out more interesting aspects about this in our blog article about saving water with the composting toilet.

  1. Odor neutrality

Composting toilets are simply fragrant! The separation of solid and liquid and the drying of the big business prevent the development of fecal odors. Depending on which litter you use, your quiet little toilet will smell like coffee, sawdust or coniferous forest. A chemical toilet, on the other hand, often smells of sanitary products or disinfectants.

By the way, you enjoy the odor neutrality not only after going to the toilet, but also when emptying the containers. In contrast, emptying the cassette of the chemical toilet not infrequently turns into an olfactory Armageddon.

  1. Easy disposal

Another advantage of composting toilets: You can dispose of your waste just about anywhere. The search for special disposal stations is a thing of the past. You empty the urine canister in a toilet that is connected to the sewage system. Diluted with water, it even becomes a high-quality, natural plant fertilizer. Dispose of the solids in a sealed bag in the residual waste. Just like dog waste bags or diapers. Composting is also possible. Then, however, without garbage bag. You can find detailed information about this in our special composting blog article.

  1. Simple cleaning

Cleaning the composting toilet is simple and fast. All you need is diluted acetic acid or natural cleaner with Effective Microorganisms and a spray bottle. Use the spray bottle to apply the cleaning solution to the toilet seat and the divider. Then wipe with toilet paper and your composting toilet is fresh again. The body and the solid's container can also be kept clean in this way. After emptying, rinse the urine canister with diluted acetic acid. You can then use it again immediately. You do not need any special cleaning agents.

  1. Easy to use

No hooks, no grommets, no nipples to pull through tabs: Composting toilets score points for their incredibly simple use. Pants down, take a seat, let it run. You simply throw the toilet paper into the solid's container. Then a bit of litter on top, lid down, pants up. That's it. No pumping, no burning, no sealing, no twirling, and no other "gimmicks" that can lead to errors if the worst comes to the worst.

  1. Reduced error susceptibility

Which brings us to the next advantage of composting toilets: Reducing to the essentials prevents superfluous components from failing. The more chichi a sanitary solution offers, the greater the risk that something will not work. As an example: If the bowl is full and the automatic sealing system fails, you have a "sh*** problem" on the road, to put it casually. This is guaranteed not to happen with a composting toilet.

  1. Variety

Composting toilets are available in different sizes, with different capacity volumes, made of different materials, in various weight and price classes. So, there is a suitable model for everyone. Whether compact and portable for the fishing trip or throne-like and comfortable for permanent use in the Tiny House.

  1. Individuality

And here's one last big advantage of composting toilets: Don't give a damn about 08/15! There are many different models that can be stylishly and individually integrated into the interior of your vehicle, the décor of your bathroom or the look and feel of the "retreat" in your garden shed. Your personal taste decides. Of course, you also have the option of building your very own, unique composting toilet. The only limits are the statics and your imagination.


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