Out Out with the old, in with the new: Report on the installation of a mobile composting toilet

Out Out with the old, in with the new: Report on the installation of a mobile composting toilet

In a closet with limited space, the motto is: "If something new comes in, something old has to get out." It's the same with the smallest room in the RV. Anyone who wants a contemporary and environmentally friendly composting toilet must first part with the conventionally installed chemical toilet. Many passionate campers shy away from this step. However, removal and installation are not rocket science and you do not need a mobile composting toilet diploma for it. With a little manual skill, a portion of motivation and a pinch of desire to create something yourself, you will soon say to the chemistry on board: "Bye bye!

From the bench toilet to the mobile composting toilet

Challenges and solutions

Kay took the plunge and installed a dry separation toilet in his Hymer. He chose the Trelino® Origin L in anthracite. So that you too can get started soon, he has summarized his experiences with the removal and installation for you and us.
"I used my vacation week to install a Trelino® L dry separation toilet in the Hymer ML-T 560.
When removing the bench toilet, the most difficult thing is to get it out of the press fit. Unfortunately, the board to the right of the toilet has to be removed so that the hole then available can be used later to turn the toilet slightly.
This raises the question of whether it is really necessary to fix this small board with 11 screws and a wooden groove. Whereby the wood groove was the worst, because there was hardly any clearance in the direction of the toilet to get the board out of the groove. I had an angle cordless screwdriver, otherwise that would have been exhausting with the screws as well.
I closed the holes from the wooden dowels from the base in the floor with sawed-off wooden dowels. The of the screws with the end of a screwdriver handle and hammer knocked flat, so that they are no longer visible.
If you pull off the chemical toilet lid, you can see four screws screwed into the center of the wall. I repaired these holes in the wall with Edding wood floor repair wax #8902. There are three colors in there, one says 143 and that goes great with the Noce Cognac shade from Hymer. For this I took the wax melter 8903. You have to look closely to see anything. In the floor area there were also two unused dowel holes and one from the baseboard. I closed these in the same way.



I fastened the Trelino L with two M8 truss-head screws. I have placed the holes in the center, because on the right side of the underbody there are feet.


Then I drilled another hole in the floor for the existing SOG exhaust system so it wouldn't be covered by the tanks. Since I put a connector on the hose so it doesn't slip back, I drilled another recess so it's flush.



For the SOG fan I got myself a timer control, which can be programmed freely in terms of time.

Schalter_Lüfer_TrockentrenntoiletteI have inserted the button into the removed side panel. If you press this button, the fan starts for half an hour. This is indicated on the button with a blue ring.


Since an aluminum rail was now visible all around the floor, I covered it with a kitchen end trim.


I cut the base and put it in front of the hole. The edges with Tesa repair tape glued black. Normal Umleimer does not hold. So now I have an additional open compartment under the existing one."

See, that's how it works! Many thanks to Kay for sharing his experience. If you have installed a Trelino® in your van or motorhome and would like to encourage, inspire or support others to do so, please send us your installation report at hello@trelino.com.
If you don't want to do it yourself, that's no reason to miss out on the sustainable and relaxed version of the camping toilet. We will be happy to provide you with a list of installers in your region who will remove the old one for you and put the new one on the throne.

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  • Berthold Schulte

    Hallo Hay, interessanter Bericht und Daumen hoch. Ich hätte gern noch nähere Informationen zur vorhandenen SOG und Details für den Einbau der Zeitsteuerung mit Taster, gerne auch mit Bezugsinformationen. Danke im Voraus und viele Grüße,
    Trelino® Composting Toilets replied:
    Lieber Herr Schulte,  ​ vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht. Dieser Erfahrungsbericht wurde uns von einem Kunden zu Verfügung auf unserer Seite bereitgestellt. Der Kunde hat sie dieses Modell selber für sich und seine Ansprüche angepasst und ausgebaut. Leider kann ich Ihnen zur Zeitsteuerung und den Taster keine weiteren Angaben machen, da ich leider nicht mehr weiß, als was der Kunde in seinen Blogbeitrag veröffentlicht hat. Wen Sie bereits einen Sog Lüfter haben, können Sie diesen an eine Trelino problemlos anschließen. Die Trelinos sind mit dem Sog Lüfter kompatibel.  Bei weiteren Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung.  Viele Grüße Sophie-Marie Schreurs  Camper Active GmbH  Erkrather Str. 228A  40233 Düsseldorf  Germany   Court Düsseldorf, HRB 91040  CEO: Markus Becker, Benedikt Franke On Sat, 25 Feb at 4:21 PM , Sunny <sunny@comment.sunnysideapps.com> wrote:

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