Building a composting toilet in or by yourself: How can I make it fit?

Building a composting toilet in or by yourself: How can I make it fit?

Usually, panel vans or motorhomes with a bathroom already have a built-in chemical toilet. If you want a partition toilet instead, you don't have to do without it. Regardless of whether it's a bench toilet or a swivel bath, with a little manual skill a conventional camping toilet can be removed from any vehicle and replaced by its sustainable sister. Likewise, new conversions can be planned directly with a composting toilet. If none of the current models suits you, your vehicle, your gazebo or your Tiny House, there is of course also the option of building your own personal toilet. You have the choice between a solo toilet insert or a complete set that includes not only the insert, but also the canister and the solids container. If you decide to build your own, there are no limits to your imagination and creativity. 

 Installing a composting toilet

Trelino Origin L Installation
There are often many question marks before removing the old chemical toilet and installing a new composting toilet. Here we have a helpful example from Kay, who installed a Trelino® Origin L in his Hymer. More installation and DIY reports and great tips will follow.

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