woman with toilet paper sitting on composting toilet

Trelino® Timber

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The composting toilet for butts and eyes

Trelino® Timber embodies the epitome of sanitary beauty. With its high-quality birch wood body, the mobile composting toilet is an absolute feast for the eyes. This makes Trelino® Timber the best choice for discerning aesthetes who place equal value on functionality and exclusive appearance in the smallest room.

The classiest session since the advent of portable toilets

Trelino® Timber impresses with its unusual appearance, which is more reminiscent of a piece of furniture than a partition toilet. The elaborately crafted body made of high-quality birch wood combines craftsmanship and attention to detail. The result is a composting toilet that meets the highest design standards: from the milling to the assembly.

The HPL coating of the body ensures insensitivity, so that even accidental contact with water cannot harm the wooden beauty. Nothing stands in the way of carefree travel. Due to its higher dead weight, the composting toilet is characterized by a special stability and thus also forgives not completely balanced seat maneuvers without tipping over. As befits a lady, Trelino® Timber impresses with its understated elegance. With its body colors of white, anthracite and natural, it can be visually integrated into virtually any interior. Whether caravan, camper or Tiny House, with its noble appearance Trelino® Timber gives every little place that certain something.