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Trelino® Composting Toilets

Enjoy exploring the great outdoors but hate dealing with dump stations or nasty public toilets?

With Trelino®, you can take care of your human waste with ease and maintain complete independence on your journeys.

A simple concept behind the magic

Odurs are caused by the mixing of solids and liquids. Separating the feces and then drying the solids prevents unwanted odurs.

Trelino's unbeatable advantages: The perfect toilet solution for vanlifers

Say goodbye to cassette toilets and switch to Trelino®

Chemical toilets are not an option for eco-conscious campers, and traditional solutions are often impractical and unhygienic.

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We've just got our new toilet and are really impressed with it, especially for the price and when compared to others on the market. It's sturdy, light weight and made with good materials. I really like that Trelino offer the different size toilets, to suit all types of camper builds

True Blue Travellers

I've been using my Trelino Evo S for around a year now and it's been such a great addition to my campervan. I have previously used the Nature's Head which was so bulky and difficult to empty alone. However, with the Trelino, it's easy to manage and another great thing is that it doesn't even look like a toilet! 10/10!

Ruth Aisling

Very helpful company with answering our questions. After receiving our Trelino toilet we are impressed with the build quality and how compact it is for our campervan. We did wonder whether it would be a little low for us but it is a very comfortable pooing position.
Would we go back to using a chemical loo? No. Trelino all the way for us now. Worth the money? Yes. We have friends who have cheaper versions of separating toilets that in time have broken. This one won't.

Daryl Stocker

My Trelino composting toilet has been a game changer for van life. I no longer have to worry about finding chemical toilet disposal points and it enables me to be off-grid for longer in my camper van. I love it's sleek design, how it doesn't smell and how I no longer need to buy and carry chemicals in my van!


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  • Made in Germany
  • Premium Quality
  • Durable and Long-Lasting
  • Award-Winning Design

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And they love staying longer off-grid at their favourite places.


Odours are caused by the mixing of solids and liquids. By separating the faeces and drying the solids, our composting toilet effectively prevents unwanted odours.

The toilet's separator insert ensures that solid and liquid waste are separated from each other and end up in two separate containers. These can be emptied independently of each other.

We recommend using small animal litter, fine wood shavings (such as Aspen Bedding), sawdust, coffee chaff, organic peat moss, coconut coir bricks, or Terra Preta/humus/soil. Feel free to experiment with different materials to find which litter best suits your needs and preferences.

Please avoid conventional cat litter. It’s less absorbent, contains chemicals and fragrances, and forms lumps. Similar to small animal litter, organic cat litter is made from plant fibres such as wood or corn and can also be used as litter for composting toilets.

Urine can easily be disposed of in a toilet connected to the sewage system. Diluted, it is also suitable as fertilizer for the home garden or the raised bed on the balcony.

We typically recommend composting solids (faeces) in a compost bin. This method 'closes the loop,' safely returning valuable nutrients to the earth. However, in certain situations, such as in motor homes or boats, composting on the go or storing waste for later composting at home or on land may not be feasible. 
So-called 'offensive' waste, which includes faeces from both humans and animals, can typically be disposed of in municipal waste ('black bag') if under 7kg, without affecting waste classification or management. Many people also use dog poo bins. However, be sure to adhere to local regulations and best practices when disposing of your waste.

Do not use aggressive cleaners! The simplest and gentlest way is to use diluted vinegar (mixing ratio 1:1 or more diluted) or diluted citric acid (max. 3 tbsp. to 1 L cold water) from a spray bottle. Wipe with toilet paper or another soft cloth. PH-neutral cleaners can also be used.

No, there are no extra import costs. All expenses are included in the price shown on our website.

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