Trelino DIY Eurobox
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet
DIY Eurobox composting toilet


DIY Eurobox composting toilet

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  • Compact design, stackable and compatible with all Eurobox systems, making it perfectly integrable into campers
  • Sturdy, untreated wooden lid for maximum load capacity - can also be used as a stool
  • The extra deeply drawn partition insert prevents urine from splashing or sprinkling
  • Made in Germany 🇩🇪


  • (W/D/H) 300 x 400 x 335 mm
  • Seat height: 325 mm
  • Urine canister capacity: 5 liters
    (9 – 11 Number 1)
  • Solid waste container capacity: 7 liters
    (6 - 10 Number 2)
  • Weight: 3.6 kg
  • Load capacity up to 150 kg

Scope of delivery

  • Eurobox made of 100 % recycled material, black
  • Separator in white made of ABS with acid-resistant PMMA coating
  • 7-liter solid waste container
  • 5-liter urine canister in blue for discreet emptying
  • Membrane lid for urine canister including spill protection
  • Closed canister lid
  • Untreated multiplex birch lid for individual design
  • Cord made of braided rope as handle
  • Small accessory box in black
  • 4 x spacers for fixing the partition insert
  • Instruction manual

DIY Eurobox composting toilet

The DIY Eurobox composting toilet is practical, compact, and ready for immediate use when urgency strikes. Thanks to its design, this dry separating toilet can be combined with other Euroboxes, making it easy to integrate into existing camper van systems. By stacking it on another Eurobox, you can increase the seat height, ensuring personalized and comfortable seating.

Unlike other Eurobox toilets, our DIY Eurobox composting toilet features a wooden lid, giving your mobile restroom an original look. This is further enhanced by a pretty cord handle made of braided rope. In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the wooden lid offers maximum load capacity, allowing the DIY Eurobox composting toilet to also be used as a stool. Since the wooden lid is untreated, you can customize it to your liking. To protect against moisture, linseed oil, stains, or varnishes are suitable. Tip: Pyrography can be used to create unique designs.

The DIY Eurobox composting toilet comes with a small accessory box placed under the solid waste bucket. This provides space for everything you need for external sessions, such as toilet paper, litter, or a spray bottle with vinegar for cleaning the toilet.

Not just the exterior, but the inner values of the DIY Eurobox composting toilet are impressive too. In addition to a spacious 5-liter urine canister and a 7-liter solid waste container, the dry separating toilet features a high-quality partition insert made of ABS, which has a surface as smooth as ceramic and is very easy to clean. The front part of the insert is extra deep, preventing urine from splashing or sprinkling even with a strong stream.


As the name suggests, before using the DIY Eurobox separating toilet for the first time, you get to do a bit of handiwork. The effort is limited to attaching the cord as a handle and fixing four holding elements beneath the separating insert. Rest assured, expert skills are not required. :) Tip: If you like, you can integrate a DIY fill level indicator into your Eurobox toilet by drilling a hole into the body. You can find more about this in the instruction manual.

The DIY Eurobox separating toilet is particularly suitable for:

  • Every camper as a portable and easy-to-store camping toilet
  • Vehicles with an existing Eurobox system
  • Casual campers and weekend trips
  • Garden houses and allotment gardens
  • Craftsmen, truck drivers, and anyone who is on the road a lot for work
  • Emergency situations


  • Box: Polypropylene (PP), 100% recycled,
    acid- and chemical-resistant in black
  • Containers: Polyethylene (PE), recyclable,
    acid- and chemical-resistant
  • Lid: Birch multiplex, untreated
    (We recommend impregnation, e.g., with linseed oil or stain.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Super Sturdy and Easy to Assemble

Really great product.. Totally recommend this one if you’re looking for a lower budget version. This is a camping experience that I’m really pleased I invested in

Riccardo G.

DIY Eurobox composting toilet