Claudia & Martin in full time Vanlife

Claudia & Martin in full time Vanlife
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Exploring the world together in a van or RV is a dream of many couples who love to travel. To experience unique moments, to collect new impressions and to spend as much quality time together as possible. Claudia and Martin from #slovak_german_couple have fulfilled this dream. Six months ago, the two took the plunge and exchanged their "old life" for a full-time van life. How the new life on four wheels feels for the two and how being a couple in a confined space works, the two have recorded for us in a blog post.



Hi, we are Claudia and Martin from Germany and Slovakia. We met 10 years ago and at that time we could hardly communicate. Since then, we have overcome not only the language barrier, but also other hurdles together and recently realized our big dream, quit our jobs and started with our self-built van on a world tour. Since the beginning of June we are now already on the road and live together in a very small space. We also had to minimize our wealth, but you know what? We have never felt freer and more connected than we do now. Because we can now pursue our passion together every day and travel. We love to travel, discover new places and just explore the world.


Before our trip, we were often asked if it wouldn't be too much for us. Being with your partner every day, 24/7? Our answer was clearly, no. We like to spend a lot of time together and have actually shared everything with each other before the trip. We think that if you put your mind to it, anything is possible.


Now that we've been on the road for a few weeks, we've settled into our new home pretty well and are feeling more and more comfortable. Of course, it still happens all too often that we hit our heads on the wall cupboard, get stuck on the table or stand around in the way when you want to open a cupboard, but all kinds of activities, like cooking, eating at the small table, sleeping in the smaller bed and brushing our teeth in the kitchen, which we thought were strange at the beginning, have already become normal. Meanwhile, we see our van less and less as a car, but more and more as home, because we really lack nothing! Living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom in one. We enjoy the luxury of always having everything with us and just being able to do what we want.



Nothing we would want to miss in our van, but especially to appreciate we have learned our large bathroom with toilet. Actually, only a small bathroom was planned in our van and you could not even close the door when going to the toilet. In the end, however, we are very glad that we changed this plan, because this is exactly the place in our van where we need the most free space. You want to keep a few things to yourself, have your peace and quiet, and not have to send your partner out in the rain when you have to go to the bathroom in bad weather. So we are both very happy to have this moment for ourselves. Whereas we have also relaxed a bit on the subject. While in the beginning we sent each other out of the van whenever possible to do our business in peace, by now only the thin door separating us is enough.

Except for going to the bathroom, we currently share every moment together and are very happy with it. Maybe later the point will come when we need more time for ourselves and go for a walk or do sports alone, but currently we spend the time together to the fullest and look forward to all the adventures we will still experience. we will have.

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