Dimensions of composting toilets - what you need to consider?

Dimensions of composting toilets - what you need to consider?
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Composting toilets come in different variants. They differ in their dimensions, weight, material and equipment. This variety makes it possible to find exactly the quiet toilet that perfectly suits you and your needs. However, the wide selection can sometimes be quite confusing. In this article, we'll help you find the right size for your portable toilet.

Whether you're traveling with a motorhome, living in a Tiny House, or just want to make sure your new divider toilet fits well in your (mobile) home, the right dimensions play a crucial role.

Everything you need to know beyond the dimensions before buying a composting toilet can be found in our detailed article on buying composting toilets

Why are the dimensions of composting toilets important?

Compost toilet

The dimensions of your composting toilet are not only a matter of style, but also of functionality. Space conditions in different living situations vary greatly, so it is essential to choose composting toilets with the right dimensions. The right dimensions not only ensure comfort and ease of use, but also influence the overall experience and practical use of the toilet.

The different dimensions of composting toilets

Composting toilet for camping

Seat height

The seat height is a decisive factor for the comfort and user-friendliness of your composting toilet. A comfortable seat height enables an ergonomic sitting position and makes it easier to stand up. It is important to consider the individual needs of the user and choose a seat height that is suitable for all members of your household.

Seat width and shape of the toilet seat
Seat width plays a role in seating comfort. Narrow seats save space in small rooms. However, it is important to choose a width that still provides enough space to sit comfortably.
The shape of the toilet seat also influences the feeling of sitting. If the recess of the seat is too narrow, your hip bones may press against it. Models with ergonomic toilet seats, which fit the human anatomy very well due to their pear shape and gently rounded form, are found to be particularly comfortable. A good example of this is our Trelino® Evo product range.

Depth and width of the toilet
The dimensions of the composting toilet are closely related to the size of the available space. Especially in vehicles such as in vans or motor homes with limited space, it is important to choose the optimal depth and width for sufficient freedom of movement.

Toilet height
The height of the composting toilet plays a role in user-friendliness and accessibility. High models make it easier to sit down and stand up, and are therefore particularly suitable for people with limited mobility.
Low composting toilets, on the other hand, require more knee work. On the other hand, they can be used in places where height is limited. If you want to place the composting toilet on a pedestal, you should look for a model of medium size. At Trelino® you can find them in size M.

Requirements for the dimensions of composting toilets, depending on the place of use

Composting toilet for small homes

  • Camping: Compact composting toilets are particularly suitable for tent or festival weekends. These are easy to transport and also find space in the foot or trunk of the car.

  • Van or box van: Space is a very limited commodity in a van or box van. Depending on where your composting toilet is to be located, compact models or those with medium-sized dimensions are available here.

  • Motorhome: In a motorhome, the question is whether your composting toilet is on a pedestal or not. If the toilet is on a pedestal, choose a medium-sized model. Otherwise, your legs may dangle in the air while using the toilet. If the toilet stands on the floor, you can choose a large model.

  • Tiny Houses, Holiday Apartments and Mountain Cabins: In small spaces like tiny houses and small apartments, you probably want the comfort of a conventional toilet. Accordingly, we recommend the highest possible models for these places of use.

Our product overview offers you a good overview of different variants and sizes of composting toilets. In addition, you can easily compare models with each other and highlight similarities and differences for you.

Distance to other elements

When fixing your composting toilet, it is important to keep sufficient distance from walls, showers and sinks. If the distance to the wall is too small, it can happen that the toilet lid no longer remains open, but falls into your back while going to the toilet.

If the distance to the side is too small, you will hardly be able to go to the toilet in a relaxed manner because you will constantly bump into something with your shoulders or arms.

Individual needs and special cases to take into account the dimensions of composting toilets

compostable outdoor toilet

  • Accessibility: For people with limited mobility, barrier-free composting toilets are of great importance. The dimensions should be chosen so that easy use and operation are possible.

  • Child-friendly dimensions: For families, the choice of child-friendly dimensions is crucial. The composting toilet should be comfortable and "easy to reach" for both adults and children. This means, especially for smaller family members, making sure that the composting toilet is not too high or having a hump ready as a step,

  • Design and aesthetics in the dimensions of composting toilets: The dimensions of your composting toilet should be not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Choose dimensions that fit the overall design of your room and allow for harmonious integration.

Composting toilet weight

Composting toilet supplies

The weight of a composting toilet is an important aspect that is easily overlooked. However, depending on the place of use, the weight can play a decisive role. Especially in vans, on camping trips or on boats, the weight of a composting toilet is important. A lighter model makes transport and handling much easier. Here, models that meet both the functional requirements and the weight restrictions of the vehicle in question are recommended.

In garden sheds, tiny houses or even many mobile homes, the weight of the composting toilet does not matter. This gives more flexibility in the selection.


The right dimensions of composting toilets are crucial for comfort, functionality and aesthetics. Depending on your individual needs and the spatial conditions of the place of use, it is important to consider various aspects. Careful selection of dimensions helps to find a composting toilet that fits perfectly into your space and allows optimal use.


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