Morocco up close

Morocco up close
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Light and shadow

Since a few weeks Emily and Dennis from are on the road with their van in Morocco. The country is characterized by contrasts. Besides beautiful beaches or breathtaking desert landscapes, there are also impressions that make you think. Poverty is often only a stone's throw away. 

Vanlife in the hills
After the first weeks in this country we notice more and more how beautiful and honest, but at the same time sad and brutal it is here. In Morocco, a lot of good but also a lot of "bad" things happen right in front of our eyes. Be it the poverty, which is unmistakable, the treatment of animals to the dirt on and next to the streets. We have the feeling that here the problems are so close and tangible, whereas here in Germany and Europe many things are easy to overlook. 

The Agafay Desert 

Quad in open desert

After the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, we longed for a place in nature. Only about 40 minutes by car from Marrakech is the Agafay Desert (stone desert). An incredibly peaceful and quiet place. From the desert you have a gorgeous view of the snow covered peaks of the Atlas Mountains. We drove with Kosmo to the beginning of the desert to explore the terrain from there with a quad. 

Off road Vanlife in the desert
But there is also the possibility to explore the desert with dromedaries or your own off-road vehicle. We continued towards the coast the same day. However, there is also the possibility to stay there overnight with the camper. But beware, the nights in the desert get very cold. At this time of the year the temperatures in the desert and in the mountains quickly drop below 0 degrees. 
Coordinates of the sleeping place at the desert: 31.4826086, -8.1833775

Season in Morocco 

The tourist season in Morocco starts from January. Here, at one stroke, the pitches and campsites suddenly become full. Climatically, a Morocco trip makes the most sense in the months from November to March. 

Safety in Morocco 

We felt quite safe the entire time in Morocco, but this was also due to the fact that we spent the entire time on guarded pitches or campsites. We would classify Morocco as a safe travel destination if you behave accordingly. 

Culture in Morocco 

Berber bread culture in Morocco islam

The culture is influenced by the local faith, Islam. The Berbers, the original inhabitants of Morocco, also shape the country to this day, both linguistically and culinary. Especially tajine, Berber bread, couscous, and mint tea are very typical and available practically everywhere. 


- Always carry cash (except in the big stores, most things are paid in cash).

- Speak French (at least the basics), as a tourist you will almost always be spoken to in French.

- Negotiate prices (bargaining is part of the game here)

- Get rid of European habits (Morocco is a different world where it helps to get fully involved)


Back to Europe 

After almost 6 weeks we went back to Spain. Feels good to be back. Africa is a real adventure from a European point of view. This trip helped us to appreciate life in Europe with all its advantages more. 


The beautiful Atlantic coast of Spain. 

Here are our favorite spots in Andalusia: 


Woman at the beach with sea view

The windsport mecca with a wide kilometer long beach and a cute Moroccan influenced old town. 
Coordinates of a pitch on the beach (tolerated in low season): 36.0460786, -5.6385659 

Vejer de la Frontera 

White City

Vejer de la Frontera is considered one of the most beautiful white towns in Andalusia. The town is located a few kilometers from the coast on a high plateau. 
Coordinates of a parking place below the town (day parking): 36.2554775, -5.9673595 

El Palmar 

Surfing at the beach

El Palmar is the surfer's paradise with a long beach promenade, many stores, cafes and of course great waves. 
Coordinates of a pitch near the promenade (tolerated in low season): 36.2287306, -6.0662928 

Wild camping in Spain 

It is important for us to mention again that although it is still tolerated in Spain to stand wild in the low season, we as campers are responsible to respect this and behave accordingly. 

Things we try to do to have this opportunity in the future: 

- Leave campsites clean
- Support local services
- Be friendly to residents and tourists
- Park in 2nd row (give priority to day visitors)
- If possible, do not block the view e.g. to the beach with the large vehicles
- Respect nature
- Do not permanently block parking spaces 


To be continued... Portugal and a project we have been looking forward to since the beginning of the trip...

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