With campervan in Greece

With campervan in Greece
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The journey of Emily and Dennis from near.so.far continues. After exploring the Balkans and discovering beautiful places in Montenegro and Albania, they head to Greece. 

Arrival in Greece

After we crossed the border from Albania our first destination was the first destination was the Vikos Gorge. The deepest gorge in the world with a depth of up to 1000m. The view from the top is breathtaking. From the same day we went to Ag. Nikolaos just before Lefkada to a Lefkada, to a kite beach where we spent a few days. The place is directly at the beach and also for non windsportsmen to recommend very recommendable.

Coordinates of the pitch at Kite beach: 38.8775203, 20.7805727
We paid 7 euros a day including water, shower, beach bar and toilets.

Saying goodbye to this place was not easy for us, but the next adventure lured us. It went on to the island of Lefkada. We had already heard a lot of good things in advance and were full of anticipation. Dream beaches, beautiful landscape and super pitches we expected. And that's exactly what happened :) Lefkada has
not only a few beautiful corners - no - the whole island is beautiful and we had the feeling no matter where you stand, it is beautiful everywhere. Our expectations were and we spent a few super relaxing nights on the island.

Our pitches on Lefkada:
Pitch at the pebble beach: 38.7988187, 20.7208619
Free pitch at a taverna: 38.6549493, 20.5656770
Pitch at Avali beach: 38.7623646, 20.5942208

The special thing about traveling in a campervan

Back on the road. Sometimes it is exactly the feeling after a few days in one place, to be able to move on to wherever you want where you want to go. The feeling of freedom. So we drove further along the coast to the south as so often on this trip. Unfortunately, we needed 3 attempts for the next campground. From a plague of mosquitoes to off-road roads to strange strangers sneaking around the van. Such things belong just as much to such a journey as well as the beautiful moments. But that is exactly what makes it an adventure for us. Every day is different, every day is and we learn to enjoy and appreciate every day and every moment. But all the effort then paid off. The 4th pitch was perfect and we spent 2 nights there with a view of the Mediterranean Sea and the small island of Kalamos.

Coordinates of the pitch: 38.6549493, 20.5656770


After this longer time away from cities and big crowds of people crowds, Patras was for us first a shock in the positive as well as in the negative. A thousand impressions, a lot of hustle and bustle, cars as far as the eye can see and a noise level that such a busy city center just brings with it. We were in Patras for a few organizational things, where we which we realize every time that even with such banal things get to know the country and its people very well. For the night we drove out of the city again to a very famous a very famous kite spot called Drepano. (A beautiful headland with top wind conditions)

Coordinates of the campsite in Drepano: 38.3386312, 21.8502909

We recommend to stay overnight in cities or city centers to avoid and either to drive a little bit outside or to stay on an official official, supervised parking lot. For us it was called it was then quickly back into nature to a campsite as you imagine one imagines him in the dream. Directly at the sea on a dune at an eternally long sandy beach with great water.

Coordinates of the site at the dunes: 38.338631, 21.8502909

Our next pitch in Kakovatos was no less beautiful. Maybe a little busier but definitely also beautiful. Here is, among other things, the most beautiful Laundry in which we both ever been. All in one: Laundry, Café, Secondhand, Self made jewelry and dog shelter. Keyword "Non Profit" all profits made go immediately into the Shelter. We find the concept super and can use this spot to We can definitely recommend this spot for laundry or just for a café.

Coordinates of the parking lot: 37.4569816, 21.6383303
Coordinates of the Laundry: 37.4604579, 21.6575966

From there we went on to Voidokilia Beach in Romanos. A picture says more than a thousand words. Simply beautiful - see for yourself. This area is understandably a nature reserve, which is why camping is prohibited there. We drove therefore a a little further for the night.

In principle, free standing is tolerated in Greece for short periods of time. However, camping behavior (chairs, table awning outside) is prohibited. Also here is like everywhere to disturb nobody and of course to leave all places at least as clean as you found them. as you found them.

Dog shelter

Our next adventure was not long in coming. When we met a small group of campers at the next campsite, the decision was quickly made to accompany them to a nearby dog shelter. It was anyway our plan on the trip to support a few social projects and so we came quite spontaneously to the DASH animal shelter. There was a lot to do there. From carrying pallets and food bags to washing dogs and cuddling puppies. We spent 3 days there and were able to see that the shelters are dependent on any help. The work there was incredibly exhausting both physically and mentally. There are many animals that have suffered a hard fate or are in poor health. Nevertheless, it is worth every effort and a dog's smile compensates for all the effort. We have a great respect for the work that the people there do for the animals every day. animals. On site we have built a place for campers so that you can stand there as a can stand there as a traveler. This is now an official spot in the "Park for Night" app.

Coordinates of the campsite at the shelter (for volunteers): 37.0540734, 21.9863979

 We were exhausted after almost 3 days there and made us with a stopover to recover on the way to Athens.

On the way to Athens

Once again we were inspired by pictures, which doesn't always work out. Often you are disappointed exactly then by your own expectation. Fortunately, in this case it was the other way around. Our expectations were exceeded. We are talking about the Cave of Seal about one hour away from Loutraki. A natural bridge has formed there from the rocks and is mirrored by the crystal clear ocean below. This place is a little insider tip and definitely worth a visit. worth a visit.

The way there is through a slightly bumpy road to the first parking lot for all vehicles who want to save the small hike can get even closer with an appropriate appropriate vehicle even a little closer. The last part on foot is a small climb but with sturdy shoes well doable.

Coordinates Cave of Seal: 37.0539974, 21.9860743


Although we have noticed that big cities with a camper are are not always easy, we did not want to miss Athens. Athens. We spent the night there on a guarded parking lot for 20 Euro.

Coordinates of the parking lot in Athens: 37.9966560,

You can see our route in Athens here:

 Conclusion about Athens
  • A big city that has everything to offer from pretty little alleys to the absolute tourist hotspots.
  • Insider tip for all budget travellers: even without an entrance fee, a short hike up Mount Filopappou gives you a great view of the Acropolis and the whole of Athens.


To be continued...
It continues for now in Greece...

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