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Chemical Toilet

For 50 euros in exchange for a Trelino® (until 18.12.2022)

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For your commitment you will receive a 50€ voucher from us, which you can use for Trelino® Timber, Origin and Evo.

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Waterdrops on Leaf

Our Promotion
until 18.12.2022

Why #againstchemistry?
We want to get rid of chemical toilets and pedal bombs

"I have a chemical toilet for small business." "That's only for emergencies." "The next disposal station is 20km away..." Exactly these situations often lead to pitches looking exactly like the one in the picture and chemicals being carelessly dumped into the environment. We would like to offer you not only a nature-friendly alternative to the chemical toilet, but also take care of the contaminated sites.

Shit happens - make something out of it!

The chemical toilets sent in should not simply be thrown away. Here, as well, we want to work towards reusing the material and creating something new in a resource-saving way. To achieve this, we are in exchange with our regional partners.

Our Motivation

Water consumption and the use of chemicals when using a camping toilet have become so normal. Too normal. In this area also, you have to get off your ass and opt for a more sustainable alternative. Every little step in the right direction counts. Let's take it together!

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I camp because I want to be close to nature and enjoy it. I have to have a toilet on the road - especially to protect nature. For me, resorting to chemical substances is not compatible with the love of nature and the actual idea of camping.

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Trelino® Origin

Our first separating toilet line made in Germany. It's made of synthetic material, what makes the toilet very light and robust for the usage in every bathroom. Discover all three sizes.


Trelino® Timber

You prefer a separating toilet that looks like a design furniture? Here we go with our Trelino® Timber line, produced by a carpenter's factory in NRW. You can choose between the M or L size.


Trelino® Evo

Our latest product line with some nice gadgets. It is our most comfortable and lightweight line with a moulded toilet seat and soft close lid. You can choose between three sizes.

Trelino® Composting Toilets
Your sustainable alternative

When you finally get rid of your chemical toilet, you can use the 50€ voucher on all our composting toilets. You will need neither chemicals nor a disposal station. The hardest part is deciding which model is the perfect solution for you 😉

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Take advantage of our campaign to leave chemicals, bad smells and leakage hazards behind you and join us in making sure that soon no one will know what a chemical toilet even is. 💩

If you have any questions or would like to support our campaign in any other way, please feel free to contact us by sending an email to hello@trelino.com 😊