Our Values

Get shit done - roll up your sleeves and let's get started! We tackle every day with high motivation, giving our best. We are courageous, open-minded and willing to learn. We always focus on the needs of our customers and have a solution in mind, which we put into practice with discipline and full thirst for action. We are not afraid to ask for advice across teams and are open to new ways and value exchange. We want a solution? We will find a solution! ...And if it is not yet perfect, we have not yet reached our goal.

We give a shit - We want to do good and take responsibility! This applies to our customers, the team and the environment, from product development to requests for charitable projects. Our customers' needs are our top priority and their feedback is our chance to get better every day. Positive feedback not only makes our hearts beat faster, it drives us. We are committed to the responsible use of resources across all processes and are considerate of our environment. Based on this, we also select our business partners and consider them part of the team. An open, honest and cordial approach is the basis for our partnerships.

Reliable as fuck - You should be able to rely on us! Each team member on the other, the team on each individual, our customers and partners on us! We have the claim to offer top product solutions with high quality. We act close, authentic and on eye level with each other, solve problems professionally and stand up for each other. The human component is our strength, we as a team are the heartbeat of the brand, our passion and humor our drive.

No-Asshole-Policy - Something went wrong? Keep your head up and move on! Stay positive and don't get stuck. Customer welfare is very important to us, but we can't save the world for everyone at any price. That's why we always look forward, hold no grudges, communicate authoritatively, openly and clearly, learn from what happens and don't judge anyone's ignorance. We are always emphatic and act professionally in the interest of our company. We do not think in terms of titles, clichés or labels, are open-minded, never prejudiced, appreciate exchanges at eye level and have a high sense of duty towards our colleagues, customers and partners. We try to find something positive in every situation and to learn from it, to learn from mistakes and to develop continuously. We have confidence in our team and the ability of each individual and every day we grow a little more.

Pootime is Crewtime - We have so much that we would like to share - besides open communication about the best way to doo-doo! The joy of work, the knowledge of each individual, the drive of the group - the wonderful feeling of being able to achieve something good together - all this contributes to our great strength: the WE!

We look out for each other as a team, take responsibility and share our passion for what we do. We create an atmosphere of honesty both internally and externally, treat each other with respect and openness, and value the opinions of others. For us, team spirit is not a nightmare but the greatest enrichment.