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Welcome to Camper Active - the ultimate gateway to freedom and sustainability!

Over 35.000 enthusiastic explorers worldwide already enjoy our award-winning composting toilets.

Straight from the heart of Düsseldorf, we have been conquering the world as a team of 16 since 2020, driven by the mission to become the leading e-commerce for composting toilets.

We are also proud to be a company that is 100% self-financed.We are pioneers who break taboos, challenge rules and constantly set new records! And we love making a difference for our customers and our planet with our outdoor and lifestyle brand TRELINO! 💩

We live our vision and would love you to be part of it!

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We view ourselves as a well-established team of individualists. The professional strength of each individual combined with an exchange in open discussion ensure a dynamic environment of learning beyond one's own nose. We are driven by the curiosity to make things move, create facts and want to understand: sometimes based on a well-founded analysis, sometimes based on intuition.


Regardless of role and position, we have the same rules applying to everyone. We therefore speak openly about our expectations and desires regarding the job, team and company several times a year. We set goals and help each other to get a little better every day. Transparency, constructive feedback, open communication and a pinch of self-mockery complete our profile.

Favorite spot

Despite all the love for the home office, personal interaction is still key. We love our office in Düsseldorf with all the professional exchange, scribbling on the wall, tinkering in the workshop or simply the spontaneous after-work beer. Fruit, sweets, coffee, tea or beer are just as inclusive as the regular pizza nights. The face-2-face interaction makes it super easy to connect with the team.

Flexible, sociable, green and multifunctional. During the day, the office fulfills all desires for a creative, efficient, loud and quiet work space. In the afternoon/evening, the Sonos-powered open space is an excellent event location for friends, fools and families. Also, our think tank, library or bicycle workshop is worth a look.

What to expect after your application

We get back to you

After we received your application, we will have a chat in the team and get back to you within 24 hours with initial feedback. If everything fits, we can arrange an appointment for our first meeting.

First interview

The first round consists of an approximately 45-minute get-to-know-you video call. We are particularly interested in the background and motivation of your application and want to know why you are the perfect candidate for our team. Of course, some information about the position, company and team won't be missing.

Second interview

In the second round, we would like to invite you to our office. During a small breakfast, you will get the chance to meet the whole team. Afterwards, we look forward to learning more about you and your career. Following that, you can pester us with all your questions.

What our employees say

"A sense of shared responsibility and teamwork. Flexible working hours that enable a good work-life balance and many other benefits"

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We do know shit! As the market leader, we work everyday on improving our products with humour and a twinkle in the eye, helping our customers find the perfect match. We are looking for team members who are driven by passion and zest for action!