Trelino Stopfen
Trelino® • Plug for urine separator (different sizes)
Trelino® • Plug for urine separator (different sizes)
Trelino® • Plug for urine separator (different sizes)
Trelino® • Plug for urine separator (different sizes)
Trelino® • Plug for urine separator (different sizes)


Trelino® • Plug for urine separator (different sizes)

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Plug for closing the urine area

The plug for our small Trelino® S, Trelino® M and Trelino® L composting toilets, and Trelino® urine separator - is used to close the urine area to ensure that no urine can leak out. The plug also prevents odors from escaping.

Please choose your variant.

This means that you can now dispense with emptying the urine canister before starting your journey. Our plug gives you more independence. You only empty the urine canister when it is really full or there is an opportunity to empty it. Occasionally, odors escape from the urine canister, for example after consuming certain foods or medications, or after the urine canister has been cleaned for a long time and urine scale has formed. The plug prevents the odors from rising.


The plug can be easily and uncomplicatedly inserted into the urine separator from above. The shape of the plug also makes it easy to remove. The silicone fits snugly and seals the urine area completely tight.

The material used is particularly hygienic and can be easily cleaned underwater and, if necessary, with a mild soap. You can also boil the plug if necessary. Thanks to the distinctive color you can not miss the plug before toilet use.


  • Silicon


Variant - for Trelino® Origin/ Timber & Diverter

  • Diameter = 13 mm
  • Total length = 44.5 mm

Variant - for Trelino® Evo

  • diameter = 19 mm
  • Total length = 45 mm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Not much use on our small evo

    We didn’t have much need of this as we needed to empty the unit so frequently, we rarely drove with liquid in. I’m sure it would be good for larger capacity units.

    Wolfgang P.
    Prima Konzept

    Ich habe eine Trelino L aus Holz. Sieht toll aus, aber der Thron ist ganz schön hoch für meine Partnerin. Das Konzept funktioniert. Kein Geruch. Ich verwende Sägemehl (Kleintierstreu). Das bekommt man überall. Nach jeder Urinbenutzung sprühe ich mit einer Zitronensäurelösung nach. So bildet sich kein Urinstein. Den roten Stopfen kann man sich so sparen

    Jürgen H.
    Gute Geschäfte mit Trelino :)

    Saubere, sichere Handhabung, einfache und chemiefreie Entsorgung, fast geruchslos.

    andré D.
    Bouchon TRELINO

    Pas vraiment nécessaire, mais achat par sécurité. Attention, il ne faut pas oublié de l'enlever ... cela m'est arrivé une fois. Heureusement, la capacité de la cuve "urine" est suffisante, mais c'est limité

    Uwe B.