Adventure instead of everyday life: We explore the world with Emily and Dennis from

Adventure instead of everyday life: We explore the world with Emily and Dennis from
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Emily and Dennis from have swapped their everyday life for adventure. For a year, the two explored the world in their converted campervan. In doing so, they are fulfilling a dream that others carry around in themselves and in front of them their entire lives. We are thrilled, fascinated, enraptured! And a bit excited, because we are allowed to be on board. In regular updates, will let you and us share exclusively in the adventure of a lifetime here on the blog. Before we start, we'd like to introduce you to Emily and Dennis.

Briefly something about you...

We are Emily (24) and Dennis (28) and travel since the beginning of April for 1 year with our self-built camper through the world.  

Briefly something about your vehicle...   

Fiat Ducato L4H2; year 2017, self-built with sitting area, kitchen, fixed bed and extra toilet cabin.  

Your worst bathroom experience so far? 

Emily: In Hamburg after I ate a pizza Margherita (despite lactose intolerance) and had to go to the loo very urgently afterwards and we walked through Hamburg in the rain and no loo in sight. Could then still flee to a restaurant loo😅

Your first point of contact with the subject of toilets on the road:

A classic chemical toilet.

Why did you decide to use a composting toilet?

We realized on our first trip that a chemical toilet is very impractical and limits our freedom when traveling. (You have to rely on a good camping infrastructure, which is not available in many countries). 

What was your most embarrassing/funniest experience with your previous toilet (cassette?)

At a campsite on the west coast of France, we were standing right next to the chemical toilet disposal station at check-in. When we did the complicated check-in, a couple disposed of their really bad smelling chemical toilet right next to us. As it turned out later, exactly this couple was our camping neighbors. 

How long have you been using the composting toilet?

Since the beginning of April 2022 (6 weeks). 

What are the most important tips you would give to starterBe sure to have poop powder on hand

  • Check regularly the level of the drinking canisters
  • Get involved, then the unaccustomed need to go to the toilet will quickly become the norm.

Your favorite saying about the toilet or 💩?

I am glad, because my butt fits exactly on your toilet.

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