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We would like to declare a sustainable war on chemical toilets and pedal bombs and commit ourselves to a modern, mobile toilet solution. 💩 No matter where you are - you should be able to enjoy a new way of freedom when it comes to a primary need.

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We are happy to have best in class partner support, the chance to earn a lot of money on the side as well as great promo offers for you and your audience! And of course, it´s your chance to become part of our team and an official #pooapprover. 😉

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1. Best in Class Partner Support

We won't leave you out in the rain. Our marketing and affiliate team is always available by phone and email if you have any questions. And we will actively reach out to you as part of our time to provide you with tips and recent news.

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Our Trelino® Composting Toilets are premium designed products made in Germany with a corresponding price. As our affiliate partner you earn up to 8% commission with every sale you make. Our top affiliates earn four figures every month!

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We would like your followers to benefit from our cooperation as well and therefore provide you with a personal voucher code for an exclusive Trelino® accessory package. This is a special offer just for your followers, which is usually not available in our store.

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4. Team Spirit and a Good Cause

We are all in this together and encourage our partners to share their best ideas and practices. Help us to save valuable resources and exemplify values to make the world a better place with Trelino® Composting Toilets.

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Water consumption and the use of chemicals when using a camping toilet have become so normal. Too normal. In this area also, you have to get off your ass and opt for a more sustainable alternative. Every little step in the right direction counts. Let's take it together!

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I camp because I want to be close to nature and enjoy it. I need to have a toilet on board - especially to protect nature. For me, resorting to chemical substances is not compatible with the love of nature and the actual idea of camping.

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We strive to create a happy and self-sustainable place for all people around the world. Let's encourage everyone around us to treat each other the way we want our planet to be treated – with love! ♥️

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