Woman putting composting toilet in a packageWoman putting composting toilet in a package

Backstage of our production

Taking responsobility is a decision

By purchasing a Trelino® mobile composting toilet, you are making a conscious decision in favor of a sustainable product. By doing so, you are actively committed to the environment and take responsibility for the use of resources.

With the production and distribution of a product like Trelino® we have made a conscious decision to take responsibility as a company. Not only when your mobile composting toilet is used for the first time, but already during the development and production process. Why? It's simple! Anything else would be eye-wash instead of butt-wiping for us. To leave the bullshit to others, we use recycled or recyclable materials, produce our dry separation toilets exclusively in Germany and work with selected partners who fit us and our values like a glove.


Ecological responsibility

Conceived with heart and soul in Düsseldorf, made with love in Germany.

We are aware that we do not move without a trace in our environment, but: we try to tiptoe. Long delivery routes lead to high CO2 pollution. For this reason, we refrain from overseas production. Instead, the longest route takes us from Düsseldorf to the Black Forest. As far as possible we use recycled or recyclable materials. Starting with our solid buckets and urine canisters, to the corpusses of our mobile composting toilets, to the choice of paper adhesive tape on the shipping cartons.

Social Logo

Social responsibility

Only take as much as you can give back.

we reject production that thrives on enriching itself at the cost and expense of other people. Equality and fair working conditions are for us the basic prerequisite for cooperation with production and cooperation partners. With a view to promoting inclusion and participation, some components of our separation toilets are produced in regional non-profit workshops.

money logo

Economic responsibility

Embracing the world with home in our hearts.

Cooperation with regional production and distribution partners is close to our hearts. In this way, we strengthen the domestic economy and promote the regional value chain. In addition, sustainable networks and cooperations are created in this way.

We like it close

Why go far away when good cooperation is also possible around the corner? Our production and cooperation partners are located within a radius of 250 km from our Düsseldorf office. The only exception is one of our corpus manufacturers, from whom 420 km separate us.

Range of trelino on a map of Germany

What do we value in the cooperation with our partners?

In the cooperation with our producers and logisticians it is important for us to share the same values and interests. That is why we choose our partners with care. In order for it to fit, like hand in glove or paper to toilet, there needs to be a common basis and a coherent chemistry.

Important for us is...

... a common understanding of high value and quality

... the passion to further develop a product and thus create the best possible solution

... resource and environmentally friendly forms of production

Our products are...

made for you

Designed and developed with your wishes in mind.

With our products we want to celebrate ourselves and our ideas, but to fulfill your needs and to offer you the best possible solution for your individual problem. That's why we listen carefully to feedback, listen carefully to our customers and take suggestions and criticism seriously in order to continuously develop our products and ourselves.

created with passion

Created in small-scale processing with attention to detail.

From the milled logo in our Trelino® Timber models, to the tampon printing on our Evos that matches the color of the separator insert, to the gently rounded lid of our Trelino® Origin, we attach great importance to the small features that make the big picture unique.

love at first si(gh)t

Functionality kisses design.

Our dry separation toilets are not only absolutely suitable for business, they also look really good. Our Timber series is more reminiscent of a piece of furniture than a quiet toilet. The latest Trelino® family member Evo won the German Design Award in the "Excellent Product Design" category.

Our production chain: How a Trelino® is made

You want to know how the round goes into the square? The lid on the pot? The canister in the body? Using our Trelino® Origin as an example, we show you where the individual parts of your mobile composting toilet come from, where they are assembled and how they make their way to you.