Buying a composting toilet: Which one would you like?

Buying a composting toilet: Which one would you like?

Once you've lost your heart to a portable toilet, you'll never want to sit on anything else again. The chemical-free version of the camping toilet impresses with its uncomplicated nature, its independence and its frugality. Toilets are very easy to clean, do not need to be emptied at a waste disposal station and do not require water or chemical additives to function. In short: the perfect travel companion for every trip and every adventure. The only question that remains is which urinal is the right one for you. 

The selection criteria for a composting toilet

Mobile composting toilets are available in different sizes, materials and designs. The optimum variant for you will depend on its intended use, the space available to you, the number of participants in the meeting and the level of humidity to which your separation toilet is exposed. And of course, the eye is always a bit of a buyer. We have put together a small overview of possible usage scenarios beyond the campervan or motorhome.

The small difference: What makes a Trelino® a Trelino®?

The choice of dry separation toilets is wide. There's something for every need, every taste, and every tush. In our article "The most important facts about our composting toilets" you will learn in five short and exciting points what distinguishes our Trelino® and why it is a special quiet toilet.


The mobile composting toilet in the garden shed

Trenntoilette Garten Haus

Even in the garden shed the bladder is pressing. Unfortunately, not all allotment garden sites have sanitary facilities, and if they do, they are not always right next to your own plot. Since septic tanks are prohibited in allotment garden sites, this is exactly where composting toilets come into their own. Our article on composting toilets as a sanitary solution in allotment gardens tells you how they do it.

The composting toilet on the boat

Trenntoilette auf dem Boot

A mobile composting toilet not only feels good on land, but also cuts a fine figure on the water. This makes it very suitable for boats such as daytrippers or small yachts that like to anchor a little longer in a romantic bay. In our article "Poo, ahoy! Mobile composting toilets on boats" you will learn everything you need to know about the quiet little toilet on the high seas. 
Of course, you can also use the composting toilet in many other places: on a camping weekend with the whole family, on an off-road adventure, at festivals, in a Tiny House or in a holiday home that is not connected to the sewage system. Soon you'll find more articles about this here. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you are already on the right track with the decision for the composting toilet principle.

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