If you are looking for accessories for your composting toilet, be sure to pack these items

If you are looking for accessories for your composting toilet, be sure to pack these items
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Composting toilets are the sustainable, resource-saving alternatives to conventional camping toilets. Due to their versatility, they can be found not only in vans or motor homes, but also on boats, in allotments or in Tiny Houses.

Before purchasing a composting toilet, you may have several important questions to consider: How does the composting process actually work? Which model aligns best with your needs? What size and material should you opt for? You'll find detailed answers to all these inquiries in our guide to buying a composting toilet.

In this article, we'll delve into everything else you need to know for effectively using your composting toilet. We'll cover the essentials, outline what you should definitely have on hand, and highlight some optional but valuable accessories to enhance your experience.

Composting toilet accessories: What you need

Composting toilet accessories

Bag for the solids bucket  

The bag in the solids bucket of your composting toilet helps you make disposing of big business as easy as possible. It catches the solids and the toilet paper. When the bag is full, you remove it from the bin, tie it shut and dispose of it in the residual waste. For this reason, you should always have bags on board before every trip with your composting toilet. You can find out which bags are particularly suitable in our article about the bag.
Toilet paper

Almost self-explanatory, but still worth remembering ;) As with a conventional toilet, you also need toilet paper when using your composting toilet. Whether six-ply with down effect, Christmas printed with the scent of speculoos or sustainable plain recycled paper: what is allowed is what pleases. As a general rule, printed and bleached papers are less environmentally friendly than colorless versions. You should always take this into account if you want to compost your solids. On the other hand, you should absolutely avoid moist toilet paper. This has a counterproductive effect on the drying process in your composting toilet. Bula popo foam, for example, offers you a composting toilet-compatible alternative.
Container with litter  

Litter is one of the absolute essentials when using a dry composting toilet. It covers your big business, promotes the drying process, and thus prevents the formation of unpleasant odors. For this reason, it's important to have enough litter in your luggage when you're on the go. Small tip: For storage and easy dosing, many Trelino friends swear by tins with hinged dosing lids, which are also popular for breadcrumbs in the household. If you store the litter in a bag, it's a good idea to have a small cup, ladle or mini scoop with you to transfer it from the bag to the toilet. Alternatively, just grab it bravely with your hands. :)

To keep the separating insert fresh or to remove unwanted splashes, you need cleaner. A mixture of diluted acetic acid and water or agents with effective microorganisms is very suitable. The dosage is very easy if you fill the cleaner into a spray bottle, apply a few sprays to the separating insert and wipe it off with a bit of toilet paper. You can also rinse the urine canister with diluted acetic acid on the go to keep it smelling great. You can also wait until you return from your trip and rinse it at home. You can find detailed tips on cleaning your composting toilet in our guide.

By the way: If you want to do something really good for your composting toilet, try our Holy Shine Holy Shine. This is a cleaner that was specially developed for composting toilets. Holy Shine also cuts a brilliant figure in everyday household use.
Membrane caps

More a wearing part than an accessory, but nevertheless important: The Membrane in the lids of our urine canisters should be replaced every three to four months. In this respect, you should also make sure that you always have a spare membrane with you or think about ordering new ones in good time.

Composting toilet accessories: This helps you on the road

Composting toilet accessories


If you travel frequently in warmer climates, it may be useful to use a fan to speed up the drying process. In this way, you avoid condensation from the urine canister "raining" down on the solids and moistening them again. With wooden urinals, you should always use a fan. The natural material reacts more sensitively to moisture and should therefore remain as dry as possible.
Spare canister

Especially for small composting toilets with low capacity, it is a good idea to take a spare canister with you. This gives you the freedom to be self-sufficient, far away from civilization for longer.

Composting toilet accessories: what you can use in addition

Composting toilet accessories


Our  plugs made of silicone  prevent odors from escaping from the urine canister. The unpleasant smells can be caused after consuming some foods such as asparagus or can be caused by medications. Also, if urine scale has formed in your canister, it may "smell" unpleasantly. With the plug in the urine drain, these odors are blocked.

Lid Cover

If you want to give your Trelino® an even more beautiful look, you should definitely take a look at our lid covers . The light gray covers perfectly match the color of the separating insert. The EVA foam used for the production originates from the boat sector and is particularly robust, water-resistant and super easy to clean.


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