More than just one among many: What makes a Trelino® composting toilet so special?

More than just one among many: What makes a Trelino® composting toilet so special?
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There are many portable toilets, but only one Trelino® composting toilet. What's so special about our quiet little toilets? We tell you what makes a Trelino® a Trelino® and how it differs from other dry composting toilets.

Do you want to know more? Do you need a little help deciding before buying your composting toilet? Then read our buying guide on the topic of composting toilets. Here you'll find helpful tips that will help you before you buy your portable toilet.

Simply better

a urine canister

Trelino® is all about the sausage and the essentials. To ensure that meetings on the road are just as relaxed as at home, we do away with unnecessary chi chi that complicates business.

A separator insert, a urine canister, a solids' container. That's all it takes to be happy. The Trelino® composting toilet makes optimum use of its function and guarantees functionality in every situation.

Thanks to the simple and crank-free handling, you can dispose of the toilet paper in the solid waste container of your Trelino® composting toilet without any worries. As the Trelino® composting toilet works without electricity, it is not only self-sufficient but also error-free.

A well-rounded thing

Trelino® composting toilet

The Trelino® composting toilet has no sharp corners or edges that could pose a risk of injury.

The bodies are "cast in one piece", with no external ridges where dirt could collect. This makes cleaning a Trelino® composting toilet much easier.

Diversity instead of uniformity

Trelino® Origin

The Trelino® composting toilet is available in three different product series, which differ from each other in the choice of materials.
  • Trelino® Origin: The Trelino® Origin has a robust plastic body and a sturdy lid made of birchwood. This combination makes it possible to use the toilet as a stool or step stool.
  • Trelino® Evo: The Trelino® Evo consists of a thin-walled yet extremely sturdy plastic body that makes the toilet incredibly light. This makes it the perfect companion for anyone who wants to equip their vehicles in a weight-optimized way. It is also currently the only Trelino® composting toilet with an ergonomic seat and a soft-close lid.
  • Trelino® Timber: The Trelino® Timber impresses with an all-wood body made of birch plywood, creating a particularly elegant feel-good atmosphere in the bathroom on wheels. With its attractive appearance, it is reminiscent of a piece of furniture rather than a mobile toilet.

 To make the mix even more colorful, Trelino® composting toilets are available in different colors. Depending on the product series and model, you can choose between white, anthracite or natural.

As spatial conditions are as individual as the cheeks of a butt, the Trelino® composting toilet is available in three sizes in each product series: S, M and L.

The special something

composting toilets

Trelino® composting toilets are characterized by their special design.

The casual mix of materials in the Origin series makes a statement in terms of individuality, our wooden beauties in the Timber series impress with their special elegance and the timelessly clean look of the Trelino® Evo has even won the German Design Award.

Reliably leak-proof


It went wrong or "Stripp, strapp, strull, the canister was already full!" If something goes wrong in the body, it's annoying, but not a disaster.

It only becomes a disaster if the body has holes through which the liquid gold can run into the vehicle. This does not happen with a Trelino® composting toilet.

The bodies are processed in such a way that everything that goes into the composting toilet stays there. An unbeatable advantage not only in the event of mishaps, but also on bumpy stretches of road or off-road adventures with pothole fun.

Good things are simply closer

Trelino® Evo

We value neighborly proximity and short distances, which reduce our CO2 footprint. For this reason, a Trelino® composting toilet is manufactured in Germany. Part of the production even takes place in, around and near our hometown of Düsseldorf.

There can only be one!

Trelino® Timber

At least only a Trelino® composting toilet. Because it is only genuine if all these factors apply to it. A small, independent individualist among the mobile camping toilets.

Incidentally, it can be easily recognized by its "leaf decoration", the small picture logo it bears on its body. :)


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