Tell me, Trelino®.... what is actually the difference between your three product series?

Tell me, Trelino®.... what is actually the difference between your three product series?
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Because needs are as individual as the shape of a butt, we focus on diversity in our product series. To offer you exactly the toilet that suits you perfectly, our product portfolio consists of three different series. The corresponding toilets differ in body material, weight and water resistance.

If you would like to know which criteria generally play a role when buying a composting toilet and which questions influence the decision for or against a model, please take a look at our buying guide for composting toilets.

Basic information about our Trelino® composting toilets

All members of our composting toilet family work in the same way. A separating insert underneath the toilet seat separates liquid from solid. This prevents the formation of odors in the very first step. The use of litter to cover large trays helps in the second step to ensure that even solid leftovers do not develop undesirable odors.

All Trelino® composting toilets see the light of day in Germany. Domestic production enables short transport routes. Some of our production partners are located "just around the corner" from our hometown of Düsseldorf. In this way, we strengthen the regional economy and develop neighborly relations.

In each of our product series you can choose between the sizes S, M and L. Whether for the tent, the van or the Tiny House - you will find the right toilet for every purpose.

Our composting toilets dress in different colors. In the series Evo and Origin, you have the choice between white and anthracite, in our Timber series is also available as a natural-colored model.

The special features of our composting toilets: Introducing the members of the Trelino® family

Trelino® Origin

Trelino® Origin

The Trelino® Origin series marks the origin of the Trelino®verse. With this model, our brand hatched from the egg. The name Origin is thus a tribute to the very first Trelino® model.

The Trelino® Origin series is characterized by its plastic-wood mix and its particular robustness. The plastic carcasses, manufactured using the rotation method, are particularly stable. The lid made of untreated birchwood completes the very good statics. This makes the Trelino® Origin particularly versatile in use.

If you thought a toilet was only for the "quiet moments of the day", you were far wrong! The Trelino® Origin not only cuts a fine figure as a toilet, but is also suitable as a step or stool.

It is not for nothing that many of our customers swear by equipping the lid of the composting toilet with a cushion and using it as a seat. Rumor has it that there are even one or two people who use the wooden lid to cut vegetables on the go.
Trelino® Origin is the only product series that we offer you with a hinged or magnetic lid. While the lid in size S is fixed only by magnets, from size M on you have the choice between a magnetic or a hinged lid construction.

This makes the Trelino® Origin particularly attractive if there is not enough space to the rear to fold the lid up on the wall when installing the toilet. In that case, you can easily switch to magnets and remove the lid.

Trelino® Evo

Trelino® Evo

The name Trelino® Evo stands for evolution. Our latest product series is characterized by further development and new features.

The quiet little toilet with the timeless clean design has for the first time a soft-close automatic, which reminds of the comfort of the home toilet. The seat of the toilet is ergonomically shaped so that even longer sessions remain comfortable.

The Trelino® Evo is the lightest member of the Trelino® family. In the L version, the composting toilet weighs just 5 kg, making it the perfect companion for anyone in whose van, every gram counts.

Trelino® Timber

Trelino® Timber

With Trelino® Timber, the good old saying "nomen est omen" applies. The English word Timber means wood. This hits the nail on the head with this series.

Our Timber models are made of a birch multiplex body. This ensures a very natural and particularly noble look, which is more reminiscent of a piece of furniture than a toilet. This makes our Trelino® Timber series a real feast for the eyes for all those whose composting toilet is to be optimally integrated into the bathroom interior.

The differences of Trelino® composting toilets at a glance

differences of Trelino® composting toilets

Which size of Trelino® composting toilets is suitable for which application?

size of Trelino® composting toilets

In order to give you an overview of which sizes of our Trelino® composting toilets are best suited for which type of toilet, we present the most prominent applications in an overview.

Important: This is only an orientation. The actual space in your vehicle or garden shed may vary, depending on the configuration and interior.

Therefore, you should always measure the available space exactly before deciding on a certain size. This way you can avoid that the toilet will not fit in the desired place later on.

Trelino® composting toilets

Concise & to the point: The difference between our product series in two sentences.

Trelino® composting toilets are available in three material variants: plastic, plastic-wood and wood. The material influences the weight, the water resistance and also the design of the Trelino® composting toilets.

Do you have any further questions about our Trelino® composting toilets, or has something remained unanswered? Then feel free to write to us at Natalia and Sophie are looking forward to helping you.


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