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There are many reasons to choose to travel on four wheels. For some it's the feeling of freedom and the touch of adventure, for others it's an expression of individuality and the desire to be far away from civilization and very close to nature. In addition, vanlife also quickly creates a sense of community when you meet like-minded people.

On overcrowded mass campsites, vanlife lovers can unfortunately quickly lose their passion. Cramped plots that allow a blatant look into the neighbor's coffee cup, flanked by a spot by the lake that resembles a sardine can, while the closeness to nature in front of the awning consists of three scowling rhododendron bushes. Hand on heart: for all your love of community, sometimes it's just nice to find a little place you have all to yourself.

From time to time, you need a place that feels like it's just waiting for you to discover it. Where you can get close to nature and decide for yourself if and with whom you want to share this moment of happiness. But where can you find such heartfelt places, when wild camping is prohibited almost everywhere? Private campsites offer the solution.

Discover private campsites

Private Stellplätze in der Natur

Meanwhile, there are many different platforms through which private campsites can be booked. The offer ranges from sea views with the sound of waves to summit panoramas with marmots whistling to forest clearings with crickets singing. We present our six favorites here. The providers differ in their focus, their orientation or offer additional services. So you have a colorful selection, which allows you to find the right place for every travel purpose. Since we all like the same, the order is purely alphabetical and does not represent a ranking. 🙂


1nitetent private Stellplätze

You're just passing through and looking for a great place to spend the night? Then 1NITE TENT is the right place for you! The name says it all. On the website you will find private campsites for a single night. Whether tent, van or camper: as long as the host has enough space and agrees, almost anything is possible. It is important to ask beforehand. The overnight stay is free of charge.

1NITE TENT introduces itself

1Nite Tent works like couchsurfing - only outside. You are the owner of a beautiful spot and want to share it? Then enter the location in our map. Outdoor enthusiasts, travelers and hikers can access the spot online and camp there for camp there for one night - for free.



Alpaca Camping private Stellplätze

At AlpacaCamping, you're spoiled for choice when it comes to private campsites. Whether you sort by country, state, region or water proximity is up to you. On the platform, you can book hearty little places in Germany and Austria. In addition to private campsites, AlpacaCamping also offers mobile homes for rent, parking and storage spaces, and gives you the option of searching for waste disposal stations.  By the way: Alpaca encounters are not generally included here, even if one or the other campsite operator calls these posh fellows his own. 😉

AlpacaCamping introduces itself

With Trelino® self-sufficient camping becomes possible, only the perfect nature camping camper site is missing. You can find it at the online booking platform AlpacaCamping. Whether in the vineyards or in the Alps - discover now the diverse, natural campsites with private providers. By the way: From now on you can rent motorhomes at AlpacaCamping and start your independent camping vacation with our Trelino® toilet!

AlpacaCamping Logo



(Picture: Bolds Schnapsideen @Madlen Krippendorf)

You don't just want to get out into nature, but also breathe in the real country air? Then you should definitely check out Landvergnügen. For 10 years, the campsite guide has been bringing travelers and farmers together. The spectrum ranges from conventional to organic and from vintners to arks. When you purchase an annual membership, you receive a vignette that entitles you to free lodging at the farms. The length of stay is one night. Discover a place of heart in the green, get to know the farm and get a special insight into the everyday life of a farm. Highly recommended also for families with children!

Landvergnügen introduces itself

Discover the country life with motorhome, camper or caravan. More than 1,400 hosts from all over Germany are looking forward to your visit. On the farms you can enjoy unique regional delicacies from their own production. Take a look behind the scenes of agricultural production and get to know people and their stories. Experience Germany off the beaten track and discover real insider tips, even right on your doorstep. With Landvergnügen you travel spontaneously and do not book weeks in advance.



Nomady Stellplätze

On Nomady you will find enchanting little heart places where you can relax wonderfully. Far from the crowds, accommodation ranges from private campsites and cabins to teepees, sleeping barrels and yurts. So not only can you discover a great new place, but you can also enjoy an exceptional overnight stay. As travel countries you have the choice between Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy and France.  What's especially nice is that Nomady's team is made up of a diverse bunch of nature lovers who love being outdoors as much as you do.

Nomady introduces itself

We are Nomady. As nature-loving campers, we've noticed a growing need for simple places to sleep that are close to nature. Away from crowds, in the middle of nature. Simply being outside.

 Nomady Logo


Staybetter private Stellplätze

With Staybetter you experience pure country life - and give something back to your hosts. Here you will not find a classic provider of private campsites, but become part of a community. The pitches are provided by farmers. The use is free of charge and requires a membership at Staybetter. Since a community is about togetherness and mutual appreciation, you support the farm with a donation for a farm campaign or something else that shows how much the special camping experience is worth to you.

Staybetter introduces itself

Standing remotely: nothing but nature far and wide - that's how camping makes sense to us. That's why at staybetter you will only find sites in secluded locations. But Staybetter is not a camping site portal. It is a community of farmers, who enable you to stand self-sufficiently on the most beautiful and in return they want you to get in contact with the local agriculture.

For 45€ per year you can use our system as a member. There is no pitch fee on the farms - but it is not free either. You are challenged to ask yourself what this unique experience was worth to you and say thank you with a donation to the "Hofkampage" (a project the farm collects for) or a generous purchase in the farm store. Membership is severely limited. But we are growing steadily, so there is always capacity. If appreciation for people and nature is the name of the game for you, you've come to the right place.

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Vansite private Stellplätze

You want to discover private campsites all over Europe? In that case you are in good hands with Vansite! Here you will not only find private campsites in Germany, but also in Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and France. The selection is large. From mountains to sea, rivers to lakes, near small homesteads to far away from any civilization, you can choose your Schlafplatzl. Whether the bed in the cornfield or the roof tent in the forest, a good view of the stars is included. Common to all locations is that they are absolutely close to nature.

Vansite introduces itself

At VanSite, VanLife is not just an idea, but reality. Travelers will find: flexibility, closeness to nature and seclusion. Instead of in small plots among hundreds of campers, you can spend your time on spacious your time on spacious plots of private land (farmer, vintners, etc.).

In our app, travelers can intuitively find, book and pay for their and pay. Through our 360 degree images it feels as if you are already already on the place while booking. Anticipation guaranteed! 

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Private campsites without restrooms

Trelino private Stellplätze

Sometimes there are no private toilets at the really natural places. That means you have to take care of the disposal of your big and small business yourself. Attention! The "principle of piling up game" is not an option! Or would you like to sink your shoe in the remains of your predecessor during a walk in the woods!

But no toilet does not mean that you have to do without private campsites. As luck would have it, you will find dry composting toilets for just such situations in various materials, sizes and colors on our website.😉 Find out how the dry composting toilets work here.

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